In Ground Pool Openings

Pool Opening – In-Ground

Relax and have the professionals at Lazy Day Pools take care of your In-Ground Pool Opening.

Prior to our arrival put your garden hose under the winter cover and begin to fill the pool until it reaches half way up the skimmer mouth.  Please do not be concerned, the water on top of the cover should not overflow.


–           Pump off water and remove debris from winter cover

–           Bag all debris, and take to the street

–           Wash winter cover fold for storage

–           Drain water bags

–           Wash water bags and fold for storage

–           Replace pool deck equipment (i.e. diving board and ladders)

–           Re-Insert light fixtures were present and directional returns

–           Assemble pump, filter, heater and sanitizing equipment

–           Activate filtration system

–           Inspect plumbing  and equipment for leaks

–           Light the heater pilot light (if heater does not ignite a licensed gas fitter will be required)

–           Shock pool with customer supplied chemicals, if shock required , extra cost

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