Opening Your Pool

1. A night or two before you begin opening your pool, place your garden hose under the winter cover, and slowly begin topping up the pool water. Fill the water level to about halfway up the skimmer opening. This process makes removing the cover a lot easier and you will be able to start the system up as soon as all the “dirty work” is out of the way. *If you feel uneasy about doing this step, then by all means, wait until you remove the winter cover.

2. Pump water off the top of the winter cover. *You can use a submersible pump or your pool pump to do this.

3. Drain all water bags.

4. Remove winter cover carefully so as not to spill any remaining debris into the pool.

5. Re-assemble pump, filter & heater connections and plugs/caps. This would be a good time to lubricate any rubber o-rings with plumbing lubricant.

6. Remove Gizzmo device from skimmer & remove winter plugs from the return lines.

7. Re-insert skimmer basket and directional eyeball(s) into return(s) at a 30-45 degree angle. If you have two returns, be sure to direct the eyeballs in the same direction, i.e. either clockwise or counter clockwise, for optimal water circulation. Re-install diving board and ladder(s).

8. Clean any scum and grime from steps, skimmer and liner with a recommended vinyl cleaner.

9. Vacuum pool of any debris (if applicable) be sure to use the skimmer basket if there is any large debris, as you do not want it to jam up the pump impeller.

10. Clean filter sand with a 1 x 1L bottle of Filter Cleaner if you did not do so at the end of last swimming season.

11. Super chlorinate pool with HTH EXTRA shock and be sure you have one to two 3″ HTH chlorine tablets in the skimmer basket or chlorinator. 24hrs after super chlorinating, add 40% algaecide. Above ground pools = 1/2 of 1L bottle, Inground pools = 1 x 1L bottle.

12. Allow pool water to circulate for about a week after opening and then bring in a water sample to Lazy Days to make sure water chemistry is in balance.

13. Scrub winter cover and water bags. (You can use some algaecide and water for a better clean. We recommend HTH 10% Algaecide). Rinse cover and water bags and allow to dry as much as possible before storing them away for the summer. This will help to prevent algae growth and unpleasant odours.