Blowing of Lines

At the filter head, disconnect the return line.  If the line is not a quick connect, then with a torch soften up the poly pipe to disconnect.  With a shop vac blow out the return lines.  When water is out, put on a plug partial way at the return closest to system and continue to blow out return line to make sure that all the water at the furthest return is out.  When all the water is out, put in two feet of foam rope into each return and plug off.  Put anti-freeze into the line at filter.

At skimmer put in about three feet of foam rope into main drain line, front line closest to pool and plug off or put flap over line, your will never get rid of water in this line, it is the main drain and comes in from the bottom of the pool.  Go over to system and take plugs off of the pump to drain, remove basket and continue to blow out skimmer line by putting vac hose into housing.  When complete, put in some anti-freeze down the line as well as two feet of foam rope into back line at skimmer and put gizzmo on.  You can pour a little anti-freeze down housing just to keep lubricated.  Switch filter head over to closed or winterized and undo plug and leave off, disconnect pressure gauge.

If you have a heater, undo the drain cock(s), take off pressure switch and let hang.  Make sure gas is shut off.

If you have any empty plastic containers, and a little water and throw into pool.  A cheap way to help prevent any ice damage.