C-Clear A.K.A. – Floc

1) Turn filter to re-circ., re-circulate or whirlpool.

2) Shock pool and add 1 bottle of C-Clear DIRECTLY afterwards.  Re-circulate pool for 12 hours.

3)  Shut pool off for a minimum of 6 hours (this will allow the gathered particles or algae to fall to the bottom of the pool).

4)   Vacuum pool manually (by hand) to waste or drain (using an automatic pool cleaner will just disturb the fallen debris too much and you will definitely lose a ton of water).  You will stir up some of the debris while vacuuming, but continue to vacuum until you have vacuumed up as much as you can and then turn the pool off again.  Allow the pool to fill and the debris to re-settle and repeat vacuuming.  You may need to repeat this step a few times but take a break, you will feel better when your pool is sparkling.

5)  Once the pool is clear and cleaned out as much as possible, give the pool another shock, as you have added a lot of fresh water and you will be ready to swim in 8-12 hours.


Re-circ., re-circulate or whirlpool filter setting:

Allows pool water to circulate through the filter head keeping the water from filtering through the filter sand.

Waste or Drain filter setting:

Sends water you are vacuuming directly to the street or your drainage, again bypassing the filter sand.  This causes you to lose water so keep a hose running in the pool and keep an eye on your water level at the skimmer to ensure you don’t run the system dry. (If you have your vacuum attached directly in the suction line in the skimmer, you may allow the water level to drop below the skimmer’s water line).


You may want to get your water tested after using C-Clear as the fresh water will change your chemical balance.